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Bookstore Gift Cards
Gift cards make a great gift for both new and returning students. Gift cards can be used both in store and online for any purchase at the bookstore - including textbooks, clothing, school supplies, and more!

Please make sure your address is correct if you are having the card shipped. DCTC Bookstore is not liable if a shipped gift card is lost or stolen.

Shipping costs will be waived during processing if gift card is the only item on order. You WILL NOT be charged $10 to have your gift card shipped to you. You WILL be charged shipping for any other items on your order.

- Not valid until activated by DCTC Bookstore
- May only be used for DCTC Bookstore purchases
- May be used multiple times until value is fully depleted
- Nonrefundable and cannot be redeemed for cash unless required by law
- May not be applied towards credit or student account balance
- Safeguard your gift card, lost or stolen cards cannot be replaced
- For balance inquiries, please call 1-866-855-4898
- Minimum load of $5, up to $900


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