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      DCTC Bookstore does not offer year-round, in-store buyback.
      Please remember that we DO NOT GUARANTEE that we will buy back your textbooks!

Textbook buyback

  • As a service to our students, DCTC Bookstore offers students an opportunity to sell back their textbooks when they are done using them. Please note we do not guarantee buyback of textbooks.
      End-of-Semester Buyback
At the end of each Semester, typically during Finals Week, a textbook wholesale company will be on campus to purchase students’ textbooks.  They will be buying textbooks on behalf of DCTC Bookstore, as well as textbooks that will be used at other colleges and universities.
  • Where & When
    End-of-Semester buyback happens in the Bookstore.
    Dates & Times will be posted around campus and on our News & Events page.

      How It Works
At buyback, students must bring their Student ID along with the textbooks that they wish to sell.  The Bookstore employee or Wholesale Buyer will scan the bar code on the Textbook and the system will display the price being offered for the textbook.  Buyback transactions are in cash.  We are not able to produce checks, credit a card, or apply the funds to your Financial Aid.  In most cases, a receipt is not required for textbook buyback.

  • What can be sold back
    Since buyback is run by a wholesale company, students can bring textbooks from any college to see if they are salable.  The books do not need to have been sold by DCTC Bookstore or even have been used on campus.  Students may sell back textbooks, textbook bundles, certain loose-leaf textbooks, workbooks, trade books and novels, and some dictionaries and reference books.
     Please note: We are not able to buy Instructor’s Editions, software, encyclopedias, library books (unless they have been permanently withdrawn from the Library’s system), and rental books from other companies or any other textbook that is the property of another department, group, or business.

  • Pricing
    A textbook’s buyback value is dependent on a number of criteria.  Each title is set with a single specific price. A title will either be listed in the database as being buyable or not.  A buyable title will be in a condition that is buyable or not.  We assume that students have used their books throughout the semester so there is no good/better/best pricing scale.  Buyback prices will not be given out over the phone or via e-mail.

  • Condition Criteria
    To assure that future students receive quality used textbooks, DCTC Bookstore and our Wholesale Company follow certain guidelines when buying back textbooks.  The following is a list of examples why a textbook would NOT be bought back:
    -EXCESSIVE highlighting, cribbing, or underlining.
    -Loose or missing pages.
    -Excessive writing or answer blanks filled in.
    -Torn or missing covers
    -Missing materials (CDs, inserts, etc.)
    -Water damage of any kind.


Did you know you can sell your books back online?
Visit MBS's website and in three easy steps you are done! Check it out! - MBS BuyBack


 Other restrictions may apply.  Please see a Bookstore employee if you have any questions.


What determines the price one receives when a textbook is sold back? 

    1. Textbooks adopted by professors for the following term and when inventory is needed are bought back during the end of semester buyback at 10% above market buyback value. 

    2. Textbooks not adopted for the following semester OR if the DCTC Bookstore has met its purchase quota on books adopted for the following semester will be bought back at the current wholesale value. That price is determined by national demand, edition status, and inventory at the wholesaler's warehouse. 

    3. Whether or not the book has all its pieces (CDs, kits, etc., if applicable). The DCTC Bookstore does not buy back examination, desk, professor or other complimentary copies of textbooks from professors nor international copies of books. We will not buy books with water or other excessive damage. Books with excessive damage that are shipped to us or our buyback partners will be returned. If you have questions about the condition of your book for resale, contact us for further information.

You can also check buyback prices online from:

Maximize your buyback dollars: First and foremost, arrive at buyback early. Bring your books to our buyback counter as soon as you no longer need them for finals. The longer you wait to sell your books, the greater the chance that the bookstore will already have enough copies and not need yours.

Try the CONVENIENCE and READY CASH you receive when you make the DCTC Bookstore your FIRST CHOICE stop to sell back your books.


You MUST show your Official DCTC ID at the time you sell your books. Please be aware of your rented vs. purchased books. If you receive cash back for rented books, you will be charged fees for non-returned rentals and we are unable to reverse the transaction later. If you have an outstanding book charging balance at the time of book buyback, you must apply the money received towards your balance. Failure to pay book charges will result in a hold on your account, the inability to register for classes and prevent you from charging your books to your account in the future.

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